The Sound of your Triathlon, Running, or Special Event


From the smallest Sprint Triathlon to the World’s Largest Marathon, your event
with a professional announcer keeping everyone informed and athletes and sponsors feeling good about their participation will look and feel more polished.
With more than 10 years of experience as an announcer for all types of running events, triathlons, we understand how crucially important an experienced, professional announcer is to the success of your event.

Event Sound

One of the things that is often lowest on the event list is great sound, but great sound is what gives your event its feel.  We are experts in the field, let us help you build excitement into your event! 

Event Costs

The time allocation and participant distance is not always indicative of the time we may have to spend relative to your event.

The number and complexity of sound systems required or systems that must be moved during the event. Unlike most sound companies we don't just provide one big system and try to blast the sound everywhere from a central place. We are experts at providing quality sound and have worked with some of the biggest names in the business

Some events require more than one announcer [or assistant] to properly cover separated portions of the event. IE pre/post event areas different from starts and finishes.

At times if more than 1 hour travel is required or the event has a very early start or very late finish then the event must provide hotel lodging in addition to the announcing fee.

We are generally 80% booked a year in advanced, so contact us early to guarantee a booking. Our schedule does change from time to time so contact us even if it is close-in to your event date. Please contact us for a walk through we build custom sound tailored for each event